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What Should an Effective Student Management System include?

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With the right student management system in place, your higher educational institution with go from working “just fine” to a well-oiled machine in little to no time. Student management software solutions have become key to running educational-based businesses in the digital age. 

But what makes for an effective student management system? And what are the must-haves of these sorts of systems? Read on for a complete guide to choosing an effective student management system for your business. 

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What is a Student Management System? 

Student Management Solutions (SMS) are software tools designed to record, track, manage and maintain all the data that’s generated by schools and educational institutions. Primarily used by student administrators and a select few faculty members, these solutions are made to improve the overall operations of these institutions. In addition to admin management, SMS software tools are great platforms for communication and conveying essential information like class schedules and course material. 

What are the Pillars of Modern Student Management Systems? 

We’ve come a long way since the start of the digital revolution. Looking back at even just these last two years, it’s evident that major transformation has occurred across tech and tech-adjacent industries. 

All-in-all, there are two essential changes that have occurred. These are: 

1. Cloud-Based Everything

Aside from requiring fewer physical servers, cloud-based technology is more energy-efficient than on-premise data centers and has an absurdly higher storage capacity. 

2. Information Security 

The biggest risk of collecting and storing data for whatever purpose is ensuring its security. In recent years, privacy and information security have not only grown in importance, but they have improved ten-fold. 

These two elements combine to form the backbone of effective student management solutions. 

student management system

5 Features of an Effective Student Management System

Your list of preferred features for an effective student management system may differ depending on the business you run and the way you prefer to run said business. 

However, if our experience in this industry has taught us anything, it’s that the following five features are vital for a student management system to run well and be effective. 

1. Automation to improve Accuracy, Efficiency and Communication

Automation is the key to successful administration in the digital age. And without it, you really cannot expect to improve your institution’s efficiency, accuracy and communication skills. 

That said, student management systems use automation to streamline processes, improve overall workability and simplify communication. 

2. Quick & Direct Access to your Institution’s Data

SMS tools work to collate and organize administrative data. A popular benefit of this is that it provides access to data for analytics, which results in acquiring insights that would otherwise be difficult to gain. Quick access to student data also means time saved in managing and locating data when needed. 

3. Comprehensive Planning Capabilities 

With so many courses, students and staff to manage and build schedules for, it’s almost impossible to get by without an SMS in place. Effective SMS tools feature the ability to create calendars and class schedules for both staff and students with ease, whilst eliminating scheduling conflict. 

You’ll want a system that is smart enough to offer alternatives should a scheduling conflict arise. Calendars and events should be viewable within a digital calendar that communicates important information at a glance and as needed. 

4. Resource Management

Using an SMS tool for resource management means improved planning and a consistently accurate allocation of time, money and staff. Having one system in place for the management of these resources means organizing, controlling and coordinating in an efficient manner that ultimately saves resources. 

5. Helping Students & Staff 

An effective SMS tool is useful beyond the bounds of the admin office. With the right tool in place, your faculty and students will benefit too. These simplified systems help students and faculty manage their time, schedules, exam timetables and course work all within one easy to use too.  

There’s no shying away from the fact that there are many moving parts within an educational institution. And without the right system in place to help with administrative tasks and management efforts, it can become a chaotic nightmare all too quickly.

This said, a student management system is not only “nice to have”, compliance expectations within the industry has made it a legal necessity. Choosing the right student management system is incredibly important and should be supported by thorough research. 

Not sure where to start with your research? Why not ask an expert – get in touch with our team at Adapt IT Education today and we’ll walk you through how our industry-leading product ITS Integrator can change your institution for the better. 

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