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Higher Education Management: Why an ITS Integrator Is The Answer

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Higher education management in various colleges and universities have implemented Adapt IT’s ITS Integrator to simplify and streamline their processes.

In this article, we’ll discuss how innovation in higher education management has impacted institutional processes, how Adapt IT’s ITS Integrator is a solution for some of the most pressing issues this sector faces, and to make things practical, we’ll show you how two colleges implemented the technology to reduce costs and enhance their offerings.

How innovation has changed the processes of higher education


For higher education management, innovation means doing what’s best for students. That means how to get them to think better, ask more questions, engage more. Their curiosity needs to be piqued, and they need to be kept interested. That is the role of education.

We must give students what they need to achieve their highest purpose and make them the best they can be in their future careers. 

Technology has changed how most industries conduct business, and although the higher education sector lags a little behind, innovation, aka technology, has changed everything.

Technology has changed how people interact with each other, and how they learn and share the world’s news. It has expanded access to education in the form of online learning and become more affordable as books are done away with and replaced with the information in digital formats.

Technology has enabled greater communication and collaboration, and Artificial Intelligence (AI)and Virtual Reality (VR) have made learning a lot more real and practical.

Very importantly, innovation has changed how students consume content, and this has a huge impact on higher education management, or will do soon because students are no longer content to “do things as they’ve always been done”. Students of today demand a richer learning experience – instead of books and notes, they want to use the technology they usually turn to throughout the day – mobile devices, social media and apps.

Because of this, it’s essential that the processes of higher education management change. For example, higher education institutions need to move from paperwork to online applications, from student card access to fingerprint scanning, from books to digital formats, and so on.

ITS Integrator solutions for higher education management

All higher education management has implemented technology of some form, but for the most part, to stay relevant and desirable to their customers – the students – educational institutions will need to at the least, incorporate integration technology like ITS Integrator to streamline and automate daily operations, as well as to enable integrated management information to support decision-making at various levels.

We’ll discuss how Adapt IT Education helps higher education management to innovate with its software for student management, financial management and Human Capital management, as well as MIS and reporting, support and core systems, to save costs, stay relevant, and maximise resources:

Student management

ITS Integrator includes ICAS software, allowing for the total higher education management of the student lifecycle, including attendance, examination and graduation. Lecturers have the ability to enter their marks digitally, and automation makes for quicker turnaround time.

The solution automates class and examination timetables, interfacing with CELCAT Timetabler products.

ITS Integrator is a cost-effective ERP system that not only includes student management, but also financial management and human capital management, including Payroll. However, it is not necessary to implement the full range of technologies within the ITS Integrator; higher education management may prefer to start out with individual modules, like the student management module. 

The integrated nature of Adapt IT’s student management software, when used with Finance and HR/Payroll, creates efficiencies by ensuring that information is only entered once and is shared across the value chain.

Student financial management

ITS Integrator includes student financial management solutions, which fully supports statutory reporting requirements and interfaces to statutory agencies in the countries in which Adapt IT operates, which are global.

The student financial management module is fully configurable via parameters and localised development per client, allowing for the adaptability of the system as per institution requirements. 

The system interfaces to third party products used by higher education management personnel in their institutions to enhance their business processes. 

Human resource management


The integration with Finance and HR/Payroll functions modules assists management to drive institutional and individual performance and compliance by enabling detailed budgeting and reporting.

Personnel system

The ITS Integrator Personnel System was designed to cater to the parti­cu­lar needs of tertiary institutions. It is high­ly integrated with the ITS Integrator payroll system and is linked to all other relevant ITS Integrator sys­tems. The higher education management of personnel can be done via back-office system processes or when applicable, via the self-service for personnel. The personnel system manages the life-cycle of members at the institution with regards to:

  • Recruitment
  • Appointments
  • Leave management
  • Skills development
  • Disciplinary / Grievance managementCV compilation

Salary system

The salary system covers various aspects regarding the processes involved to produce a valid and accurate salary budget and the reporting/monitoring thereof.

Personnel self-service

The ITS Integrator self-service system provides online real-time access to the ITS Integrator system, enabling students or personnel of the institution to gain access through secure logins to the data that’s applicable to the individual. The module has a user-friendly interface accessed through a web browser. Navigation throughout the self-service system is user-friendly with drill-down facilities and the availability of summarised or detailed information where applicable.

The self-service systems are branded as:

  • Student iEnabler
  • Personnel iEnabler
  • Lecturer iEnabler
  • Finance iEnabler
  • Asset iEnabler
  • Alumni iEnabler

Salary budgeting system

This system provides a calculation of salary budgets of consecutive monthly salary calculations for future periods. It uses user-defined criteria to budget for vacant posts, future resignations, etc. 

ITS info slips for payslips

This system enables institutions to provide employees with electronic payment advice instead of traditional paper payslip. 

MIS and reporting

Allows users to design and run reports based on pre-defined database views.

Management reports via self-service

Users can generate reports such as:

  • Application reports
  • Headcounts
  • Graduation reports
  • subject information
  • Generate and view effective full-time student information
  • Residence information
  • Academic progress reports
  • Personnel information
  • Financial data
  • Accounts receivable information and
  • Cash flow information  


ITS Integrator makes use of JasperSoft, the world’s most cost-effective, flexible and widely deployed reporting platform, which comprises highly interactive reports, dashboards and data analytics, while supporting multiple platforms, from Windows and Android to Linux and Apple Mac.

Core systems

  • User Access Control
  • Business Process Driver
  • Document Storage and Retrieval
  • Surveys & Questionnaires
  • Routing System
  • Identification Card Interface
  • Communication via printed document, e-mail and SMS


Adapt IT Education has a proven remote support model, with local support available through offices in Africa, Europe and Australasia.

2 Short ITS integrator case studies


Case study #1: King Hintsa Further Education and Training (FET) College

King Hintsa Further Education and Training (FET) College, with an annual enrolment of 3 500 students and operating on six campuses, identified an urgent need for computerised support in all it’s business areas.

The college implemented ITS Integrator to streamline processes, automate daily operations, and provide integrated management information to help management make better decisions. 

The system supports their general student management, student financial management, all aspects of finance and asset management, as well as personnel management processes.

To date, the college has found that a major benefit of the system is that all the different campuses information can now be located in one integrated system and updated in real-time, whereas in the past, the Student, Finance and HR departments were all separated, and using different systems.

Case study #2: ORBIT TVET College 

ORBIT TVET College wanted to improve its administration with advanced self-service functionality, improve automation and find a better record-keeping methodology.

Using ITS Integrator, processes that previously required manual intervention and record-keeping outside the system were automated, and the college found that administration was significantly eased.

Their accuracy of data was improved because no longer was it necessary to re-key information.

Dr Joe Viljoen, ORBIT Data and Information Manager, says, “New self-service functionality with the associated workflow routing delivers an improvement in efficiency while driving up user-satisfaction. The upgraded system allows users in various areas more flexibility and options in doing their work; additional settings and restrictions give system administrators better control over end-user actions and processing.”


Adapt IT Education’s ITS Integrator helps higher education institutions to manage the entire student lifecycle.

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