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What is ERP in Higher Education? 

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Originally designed to automate, improve and customize business processes, systems of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) are without a doubt the best way to manage business administration and HR-related tasks. Today, it’s common practice for higher education institutions to use ERPs in the day-to-day planning and organization, and for managing all student-related admin. 

But what exactly are ERP systems? What are their benefits? And how have these software solutions been helping higher educational institutions for decades? Read on for an in-depth discussion of how ERPs can work to elevate the inner workings of your institution. 

What is an ERP Software Solution? 

Simply put, ERPs are information technology solutions that work to automate and integrate business processes. ERP software often integrates essential business processes and are relied on for resource planning and strategy implementation.

Within the higher education sector, ERPs are used to manage recruitment, admissions, student records, financial aid, and just about every other process related to student administration. That said, let’s talk about the benefits of implementing this kind of software solution.

5 Benefits of Higher Education ERP Systems

When ERP systems are correctly deployed within any organization or institution, their benefits are abundant. Five noteworthy benefits include: 

1. Administrative Assistance 

Whilst streamlining and integrating business processes, ERPs work to assist administrative staff with the completion of time-consuming tasks. In this way, ERPs support unhindered growth within a team and allow administrative staff to focus their efforts on more pressing matters. 

2. Information Distribution 

Distributing class schedules, codes of conduct, project briefs and other materials, be they administrative or otherwise, is quite a hefty task for an educational institution’s admin staff regardless of how big this team is. With an ERP system in place, you will see an improvement in the distribution of important information and a sufficient decrease in human error when it comes to the accuracy of distribution.

3. Data Organisation & Process Automation 

ERPs act as a single and secure place for storing student and staff data in a clear, organized manner. Everyone’s favorite benefit of organized and stored data? Direct access to data and analytics that was previously unavailable or unattainable. 

4. Improvements in Efficiency & Productivity

For any company, business or institution, improvement and growth are fundamental for achieving success. And the best way to access these is through implementing processes that enhance productivity and efficiency. ERPs are key to this. 

With the right ERP software in place, your work will flow seamlessly and provide a system for achieving consistency and accuracy, resulting in an overall improvement in your institution’s efficiency and team’s productivity. 

5. Facilitates Connection between Staff & Students 

One of the most frustrating elements of the admin surrounding educational institutions’ processes is communication and the potential for miscommunication to occur. Through an ERP system, connection and communication between staff and students are not only facilitated but their effectiveness is elevated. 

Features of Higher Education ERP Systems 

Key features of ERP systems like ITS Integrator include the following: 

  • Managing human resources and teaching staff to allow voids to be filled and ensure that classes can be run at capacity. 
  • Storing all necessary student information and documentation in an easy-to-access organized digital portal.
  • Obtaining, tracking and filing attendance data to create thorough and concise reports that document student attendance. 
  • Assisting with financial management and resource allocation. 

With an ERP system like ITS Integrator in place, the future of your higher education institution is not only certain but shaped for the better. 

ITS Integrator removes obstacles through streamlining processes and integrating systems to ultimately set your institution up for consistently achieving optimal results. For more information on ITS Integrator and how employing such a software can help your institution, contact our team of experts today.

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