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Higher Education Administration Made Easy With ITS Integrator

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Historically, higher education administration has involved reams and reams of paper for student applications, which would typically be mailed to the institution.

Students would then need to take an entrance exam, and then face either rejection or acceptance.

But in the middle, between the application being received and rejected or accepted, would be a hotbed of activity within the college or university, which would include:

  • An admissions committee, being set up.
  • The first selection of accepted applications is moved to the registrar for checking.
  • Applications are either rejected or accepted.
  • Students receive a letter of acceptance or rejection.

How can the higher education administration process be improved?

How can the higher education administration process be improved?

Colleges and universities that have not implemented student management technology like Adapt IT Education’s ITS Integrator, still make use of cumbersome application forms and workflows. 

Instead, the goal – which technology now enables – is to make applications more accessible and to increase the number of enrollments, and then to implement workflows for enhanced marketing for student recruitment, and improved communications between faculty members, parents and staff.

Suggested improvements for higher education administration processes include:

  • Create a single online application form.
  • Use technology that allows for the upload of documents to become paperless.
  • Allow for multiple online payment options, and through various devices.
  • Self-serve status information should be readily available to prospective local and international students.
  • There should be a centralised admission process so that students can apply for various academic programs or to other colleges that are associated with the university or college, without the need to complete multiple application forms for each college or university.
  • Avoiding the duplication of tasks across departments.
  • Changes that are made to data should reflect in real-time.
  • Processes should be automated as far as possible in order to do away with manual intervention and record-keeping outside of the system.

Adapt IT Education’s ITS Integrator offers a completely integrated solution combining all business units into one robust system, for the administration of students and lecturer self-service functionality. It automates administrative tasks and provides enhanced reporting and superior record keeping.

Administrative challenges

According to a research article by Meditteranean Journal of Social Sciences, the greatest challenges facing higher education administration are:

  • Funding 
  • Meeting deadlines 
  • Delayed examination results 
  • Excess workload
  • Provision of facilities 
  • Students registration 
  • Student affairs and personnel administration 

In addition, technology, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing how things have always been done. 

Establishments can no longer depend on old and outdated processes that don’t utilise technology. The challenge for higher education is the need for tech-savvy leaders, and to incorporate changes into the facility while still servicing students and ensuring their needs come first.

Software like ITS Integrator streamlines and optimises administrative processes, addressing many of the greatest challenges to higher education today. Technology like this is becoming essential to colleges and universities who want to thrive financially and develop an edge over competitors.

Benefits of an effective and efficient administrative process

Benefits of an effective and efficient administrative process

An effective and efficient administrative process impacts the institution, it’s staff, students, parents and prospective students.


  • Maintains a healthy financial flow
  • Increases productivity
  • Works to build the vision and mission of the college or university
  • Provides satisfaction by and loyalty from parents, students and staff
  • Drives decisions based on data and analytics

A closer look at how ITS Integrator enhances the administration

ITS Integrator has already captured more than 75% of the market share in South Africa and is used in institutions located in Ireland, New Zealand as well as other parts of Africa. 

It handles processes across departments to eradicate duplication of, and optimise:

  • Record keeping
  • Enquiries
  • Applications and admissions
  • Student registration
  • Study records and assessments
  • Residential management 
  • Lecturing and examination timetabling

The technology streamlines the day-to-day business operations of colleges and universities and provides accurate and timely reporting.


Higher education administration faces a wide range of challenges, especially with regard to new technology. In addition, student behaviour and expectations have changed over the years and establishments need to accommodate that if they want to succeed.

The implementation of technology such as ITS Integrator is key to the mission and vision of colleges and universities in the days to come.

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