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Top 5 Benefits of an Online Enrollment Management System

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Higher education institutions are under immense pressure to retain students, attract more students and ensure the business is profitable. Student experience and the overall effective operational capacity of the university are central to this. So how do universities ensure that these two elements are handled correctly? The answer lies in the utilisation of an online enrollment management system. When implemented correctly, this kind of enrollment software solution can manage the entire enrolment process from start to finish effectivity and efficiently from one integrated and consolidated system.

Online Enrollment Management System

What is an online enrollment management system?

In simple terms, an online enrolment management system is a software solution that combines all elements related to the enrolment processes into one integrated system online. From this website or mobile platform, prospective students can find all the information they need, and resources, ask questions, register for their courses, etc. It works as a student information system for enrollments and the admissions process and is often referred to as a student registration system. From a higher education administrative point of view, this system will detail all information related to the prospective student and the course they are looking to enrol in. From there, the administrative teams have all the information necessary to enrol students.

What is the importance of an online enrollment system?

Now that we understand what a student enrolment system is, it’s essential to look at the importance of this kind of software in higher education institutions. With a centralised and easy-to-use online enrolment system, these institutions can strongly compete for applicants and enrol students faster. They can also answer questions and queries much quicker than ever before, which is essential, especially where student experience is concerned.

Top 5 Benefits of an Online Enrollment Management System.

Student registration & enrollment management system features

Not all enrolment management systems are created equal. With much competition within this sector, there are several different online enrolment management solutions on the market, making it difficult to choose the right solution for your needs. To help you make the right decision, we have put together a list of a few features to look out for when choosing the right student enrollment software for your needs. These include:  

  • Inquiry Management – look for a solution that can store all enrolment enquiry and communication information and send out the relevant information when potential students ask questions.
  • Admission Analytics – data analytics is often an organisation’s biggest asset, which is the case with admission analytics. These analytics will provide vital information related to the number of inquiries received to applications, incomplete or complete applications, demographic information, etc.
  • Task Management –automated systems that can assign tasks to admin teams and allow the monitoring and execution of these tasks are incredibly useful, especially where student enrolment is concerned.
  • Automated follow-ups – automated follow-up messages and responses enable you to continue to provide prospective students with the information they require and need even when your team is not online.

Benefits of Student Enrollment Management Systems

There are a number of different benefits that this kind of student enrollment management system has for higher education institutions. These include: 

  1. One system to identify, engage, and enrol the right students – an online student enrollment management system is an integrated and consolidated platform that will enable you as a higher education institution to manage the student enrollment process, and application process, from beginning to end and efficiently
  2. Streamlining the Admissions Process – the automation elements related to this kind of admission software enables the streamlining of the admissions processes. Potential students are provided with the information required, insert their information for registration and are prompted by the system to go through each phase of the admissions process.
  3. Automatic Billing & Payment Plans – because this kind of system is completely integrated and consolidated across all departments within your institution, you can efficiently manage billing and payment plans.
  4. Cloud Security & Data Back-Ups – this kind of solution is often cloud-based and has several security protocols to ensure the safety and security of all data. This software also provides data recovery through data back-ups.
  5. Reporting Tools – with the use of innovative reporting tools, you can gain valuable and actionable insights into the whole enrolment process to identify problems or issues and opportunities to improve student enrollment. 


An online enrolment management system plays an essential role in ensuring the success of a higher education institution, especially in the way the institution engages with potential students. This kind of software solution simplifies the complexity related to the enrolment process and improves efficiency, and enhances the student experience.  One software solution that ticks all of the above boxes and more is Adapt IT’s ITS Integrator. For more on how this software can positively enhances your institution’s online enrolment management, book a demo today.

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