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ERP solutions that are focused on automating and integrating administrative, financial and academic processes.

Software Solutions

Adapt IT Education has designed and developed several Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions to fulfil the needs of educational institutions.

Our solutions are focused on automating and integrating administrative, financial and academic processes within the institution in order to simplify its operations, improve agility and productivity, facilitate organisation and improve communication.

Our software solutions speak for themselves, which is why we are the trusted supplier of choice to more than 200 educational institutions spread across South Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa as well as internationally.

Incorporating the latest technology and innovation we offer clients:

Affordable, feature-rich out of the box products

while some of our products offer clients the option to modify and extend the capabilities of our software this is not required for most organizations as our software can easily accommodate the needs of most institutions.

Adaptable and customisable software

we understand that each educational institution has its own set of specific needs and required outcomes for software solutions. With our dynamic systems and platforms, we are able to customise software solutions to fit these particular needs.

Efficient integration

our software solutions are designed to be fully integrated into existing systems or as stand-alone systems. This ensures that we are able to provide you with an ERP solution that is simple to implement and saves on costs, time and effort.


it is necessary within an educational institution to have software solutions that are easy to use and understand. This is at the forefront of our design and development processes and ensures that our products are user-friendly and straightforward to manage.

Adapt IT Education’s ERP solutions include

CELCAT Timetabler

This software solution was specifically designed to enhance the administrative and scheduling processes of course and exam timetables. This state-of-the-art dynamic solution optimises resource utilisation and reduces the time spent on scheduling and data capturing. By rectifying scheduling conflicts and eliminating the possibility of human error, this software ensures that the generation of timetables is an effective and manageable process.

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ICAS (Integrated Campus Administrative System)

Optimises workflow and cooperation between your administration, academic, finance, and sales functions, all within one reliable and easy-to-use solution. This is a modular, flexible and integrated solution that features user-friendly graphical interfaces and data integration efficiency. It increases staff productivity and manages students’ progress, from enquiry to registration, through to graduation.

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ITS Integrator

The ITS Integrator software solution assists you in managing all the operational aspects necessary for the successful running of the institution. This includes software related to resource management, human resources management, financial management, student management, MIS and reporting, timetabling and 3rd party plugins and interfaces.

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Wisenet is a cloud based solution for private higher education and training providers. Used by more than 1,300 institutions in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore, and now launched in South Africa and Kenya, Wisenet manages everything from sales, promoting courses, online enrolment, online payment, learner-focused applications, custom documents as well as document sharing and more

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