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New Innovative Products

As a leader in the field of software development, within the higher education industry, we at Adapt IT Education are always looking to take our software solutions to new levels of innovation. The digital technology space is dynamic and ever-changing, resulting in more opportunities to provide software solutions that assist colleges and universities in improving their customer experience, core business operations, administration processes, enterprise resource planning and service delivery.

Educational institutions play a significant role in student success, primarily by preparing students for their higher ed experience and ensuring they have all they need to achieve their overall goals, including access to critical information.

Our new innovative products are geared towards enhancing this experience and allowing greater access to information. This, in turn, will provide students and staff with more autonomy and improve the overall learning experience. These products include the following:

ITS Chatbot

With Chatbot software students can obtain critical administrative information on their smartphones in a secure, interactive and straightforward way, wherever they are, without needing to go onto campus. The data housed on this platform is available 24/7 via an easy-to-use interface and includes information on fee balances, course details, timetables and more. The Chatbot allows Universities or TVET colleges to store their FAQs and answers, thereby reducing the need for students to contact the support Call Centre with queries.


i-Chain for Fixed and Biological Asset Management has specifically been developed to assist in asset management related services. This includes sector requirements for verifications, reconciliation, fair market valuations and all other best practice, passed by the Auditor General. Operations related to this software include asset management best practice and policy development, the understanding of issues and compliance with IFRS/GRAP/IAS 16 & 3, asset valuations, life span assessments and more.

Fingerprint biometrics

Is an interface that sends student information from ITS Integrator 3 (and up) to a fingerprint biometrics system which logs it back to ITS Integrator.

Student Card Access Control

Is a mobile app that scans the barcode on a student card and allows student access to an area or not. This app is currently being built, specifically, to assist with exam access.

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