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Student Management System For Higher Education

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Student management systems have become an essential part of how higher education institutions operate. With an increase in enrolment rates, this has lead to an increase in revenue which means that there will be more administrative overheads, more headaches and staff having to take work home or work overtime and it is during those times of complexities that institutions tend to see a decrease in productivity as a result of being overwhelmed.

So, as an institution it is of utmost importance to have measures in place for your staff to easily keep track of students as they move through the student lifecycle because institutions are expected to:

  • Seamlessly manage the student registration process;
  • Keep track of all student data;
  • Provide students with easy access to their information;
  • Make it easy for your academic staff to manage marks;
  • Track student finances, (payments, bursaries and loans)

In 2017 the World Bank released a report highlighting the increasing global demand and supply of tertiary education and Sub-Saharan Africa showed the fastest enrolment growth, growing at a rate of 4.3% annually – way faster than the global 2.8%. However, as the enrolment rates increase it keeps getting difficult to manage students because the number of complexities also grow with the student population.

All of this – and so much more – needs to be done with minimal effort on the institution’s part.

How do student management systems address the biggest challenges of higher education institutions?

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As implied in the name the ITS Integrator student management system integrates all aspects of a student’s information into one…. The software serves all the educational institutions’ data management needs and has for many years been helping institutions move away from a siloed approach to using a Student Information management system capable of managing the entire student lifecycle from registrations, academic data, student finances all the way to facilitating alumni initiatives and so much more

The ITS Integrator includes various modules over and above it’s core systems.

As you can see, the Student Management module is one part of the system the Adapt IT Education’s ITS Integrator provides a rich set of features that streamline both front and back-office operations. 

Case study: South African university

Case study_ South African university (1)

A South African university was aiming to improve its overall operational standards, including:

  • Academic performance
  • Governance
  • Financial operations
  • Human resources

They decided to upgrade their ERP to a system that would provide more automation of administrative tasks, as well as some type of self-service functionality to take much of the pressure of faculty members. They also needed improved reporting capabilities.

They chose  Adapt IT Education’s ITS Integrator, as it matched their requirements and offered greater flexibility, options and end-user control, restricting access to records in a multiple campus set-up. It also offered enhanced communication as the system allows communication to be sent directly via e-mail and SMS.

The software provides complete student information management and statistics in order for management to make better decisions, plus improved efficiency and turnaround times.

Students have also benefited, as they are able to easily access data that’s relevant via self-service features. They are able to check, validate or update personal details, or view balances and marks. 

ITS Integrator gives more staff the ability to access and work with information that is both accurate and secure.


The ITS Integrator system is an all-round operational enhancer for higher educational institutions and assists all those who use it, whether students, faculty or management.

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