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As we have recently wrapped up Women’s Month 2021, we asked Mrs. Juanita Frans from the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) – a business process and systems leader and the chairperson of the ITS user group – the significance of Women’s Month.

She responded: A leader in my view is a visionary person, that can translate that vision into reality, but nowhere did I read that a leader is gender defined, but you become a leader by the equality of your actions and integrity of your content.

Q: What is the wrong perception about Women in Leadership and how can that be changed?

A: Although women in leadership have taken great strides in overcoming challenges in leading successfully, there remain deep-rooted biases in women in leadership positions.  These biases and wrong perceptions are rooted in unconscious gender bias – even if perceived to be progressive in thinking.  Unconscious gender bias, as leading is perceived to be dominantly male, female leaders do not have the masculinity, authoritative stature, and decisiveness and are thus perceived too delicate to lead effectively.

Q: How do we overcome this? 

A: We need to challenge gender inequities and inequalities, call out bias, question stereotypes and discrimination and help forge an all-inclusive world for a better and greater tomorrow – closing the gender leadership gap.

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