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Examination Management System: Benefits and Features

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An examination management system automates the entire exam process to save time and provide accuracy.

A few exams from thousands of students each semester is daunting at the best of times, and hinges on an overwhelming experience for faculty, from pre-prep to exam setup, and then marking and distribution.

In addition, examiner differences mean unreliable marking. There are also logistical challenges to securely dispensing graded exams. 

What is an examination management system?

An examination management system is a software that’s been developed to manage the entire exam process. 

It covers all the activities that are related to examination management, right from receiving enrollment and examination forms, to the processing of exams, printing, distribution, and statistical reports.

Adapt IT Education’s exam management system automates the examination process to facilitate good and timely decisions, take time and stress off faculty, and improve communication between faculty, students and parents.

Benefits of a good examination management system

Benefits of a good examination management system

A good examination management system, provides institutions with the mechanism to easily create a streamlined exam pattern that is the most conducive for the academic development of students. It also benefits faculty by :

  • Eliminating overwhelm. 
  • Shifting administration to a single, central system in order to simplify execution of examination processes.
  • Significantly reduces time spent fulfilling pre-prep, during and after examinations processes.
  • Simplifying exam scheduling.
  • Providing accuracy and cuts unreliability.

Management benefits

Management – and the educational institution as a whole – benefits from good software that manages examinations in these ways:

  • Authentic, reliable examinations.
  • Accurate, error-free result.
  • Strict confidentiality. 
  • Become paper-free.
  • Save time, costs and resources.  
  • Deliver exam results with a click.  
  • Get powerful data-driven insights that tell the stories you need to know.
  • Reduce duplication.

Of course, all these benefits have secondary benefits as they spin off other elements, for example, enhanced reputation and marketing ability.

Key features of a good examination management system

Key features of a good examination management system

Not all software is made equal, and that is true of examination management systems too. Good software, such as Adapt IT Education’s Examination Management system adds maximum value in the following ways:


  • Automation of planning and execution
  • Configuration of exam types
  • Online exam registrations
  • Room and seating arrangements
  • Room admittance
  • Automatic generation of invoices
  • Notification of exam timetables

Examination setup

  • Choose from question templates that are mapped to Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Includes exam questions approval process
  • Easy configuration of types of examination, including multiple questions
  • Group wise question papers setup
  • Setup of different difficulty levels
  • Configuration of grading criteria
  • Setup examination module according to various difficulty levels

Marking entries and result distribution

  • Evaluate entries on-screen
  • Assign exam evaluators without exchanging paper
  • Provides an Outcomes Attainment calculation
  • Publish grades online
  • Generate transcripts
  • Huge choice of insightful reports to choose from
  • Access the system via an application or from the web

Adapt IT Education has turned traditional examination processes on its head by providing a system that is used by the majority of establishments in South Africa, and many abroad. We’ve simplified and enhanced the entire examination process for educational institutions.

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