Congratulations Nomhle Lubisi!

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Celebrating a work anniversary often means taking time off to reflect on the journey one was walked and to assess their contribution to the company. Recently, Nomhle Lubisi received her long service recognition for her five-year journey with Adapt IT Education.

Jeridah Makwala took a moment to congratulate and sat down with Nomhle to chat about this.

Q: Can you tell us more about your role and background?

A: I am a Business Analyst/Consultant responsible for helping businesses cost-effectively implement technology solutions by determining the requirements of a project or program, finding solutions, testing, mapping business process, support and also consulting for new and existing Adapt IT Education clients. Customer satisfaction and retention within this business unit (within the guidelines set by the corporate strategy).

Q: What do you like most about working for Adapt IT Education?

A: What I like most about our division is that it is flexible and challenging as we work hard to deliver our targets, however when we have fun, we make sure we enjoy it to the fullest.

Q: What’s the one thing you wish you knew before working here?

A: I don’t think there is anything that I wish I knew before working here because I had worked here before as a graduate while it was still ITS.

Q: How would you describe the work environment?

A: The work environment is flexible, innovative, friendly, and engaging, individuals are open to sharing ideas that will help the company grow. Staff members are friendly and family-oriented.

Q: How has your contribution benefited the business?

A: I think I have contributed positively to the business and its growth as I added value when I assisted in business process mapping (BPMN) and also was involved in defining the Business Analyst role job description. In addition, as a consultant, I’m assisting the company with sales and business development.

Q: What excites you the most about your role?   

A: What excites me about this role is the fact that it allows me to work with people from different departments in the company who have a variety of great expertise, and always have interesting perspectives to add to the table. It also allows me to interact and work directly with our clients.

One of the very interesting aspects of my role is understanding the core need of the client, and working with the development team to fulfill that need. The idea of being a part of developing something that people need, and that makes their lives and work much better, encourages me to always give my very best to get the job done. Also, what excites me is seeing them using our system successfully.

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